Once you decide to order a paper online, you will probably wonder if it is possible to get an original work that will fit in the frames of allowed similarity percentage. There is no surprise that the customers are asking so many questions about plagiarism – this issue is really sharp today. No one wants their ideas to be stolen as well as no student would like to submit an essay with plagiarized parts.

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Risks that One Takes When Plagiarizing

Plagiarism is not just an ethical issue anymore – it is strictly penalized in all educational institutions. Here are the risks which one takes when they use are plagiarized work for college submission:

  • Your professor will be disappointed with your performance – even if you did really well throughout the semester, plagiarized paper may erase all previous success.
  • The group mates of yours might not show their attitude but the person plagiarizing will not have a good reputation overall when especially all other students are doing their best to complete a totally original work.
  • Some colleges may disqualify the student who has sent the plagiarized paper so they will be made to re-take the course.
  • You are lucky when you are given a chance to revise or rewrite your paper from scratch since this is an opportunity not to fail. However, you will still have to do a double work.

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To make sure that the results which the customers get are satisfactory, the service representatives apply a number of methods to fight with plagiarism in delivered papers:

  1. It is not possible to buy a paper which was written beforehand. The writers are completing papers only after they have an instruction from you to follow. Beware of buying the pre-written works online – someone might be using them as well.
  2. Double checking completed papers is what you will get here. A special software is applied to verify that the paper is free from any copying and rewritten parts.
  3. Checking papers through Turnitin. Turnitin report is a document that will provide you with exact results about the completed work as it has a capacity to compare it with other sources.
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