One of the most reliable guarantees that a service is safe and legit to use, is an availability of money back guarantee. Here customers are able to read all the details concerning amounts and process of refund.

  1. 1. Disputing the order. The first step to a refund request is starting a dispute claim on your order. It can be done with assistance of the company’s Dispute Department. Email them about the issue and be sure to get a solution within next 10-14 days.
  2. 2. Personal approach. The DD team does not offer universal resolutions – every single order is reviewed separately so the most suitable decision can be taken. Remember to request a dispute within 10 days before your order is approved – later no refunds will be issued. Also, the DD will not accept your request if you have never requested revisions for your work since revising is considered to be an inevitable part of the order’s completion.
  3. 3. Cancellation of the order. Yes, it is in case the writer has not finished the work on it. Once the order is completed there will be no refund available. In case the writer is not done with your paper yet:
    • You are asking for cancellation before assignment of the writer – you can apply for a full refund;
    • The order is under assignment already – 70% of the paid amount will be refunded if the order is canceled;
    • ½ time limit expired or more – you are eligible for getting 30% refund.
  4. 4. Late delivery. The availability of refund in this case depends on the lateness’ character. In case the delivery is delayed because the customer did not provide the clarification or files on time no refund can be provided.

    If the writer is to blame for lateness, a partial refund is possible – the amount calculated according to the next longer deadline will remain paid for the order and the rest will be issued back to the customer. For the orders with seven or fourteen days’ deadline, the available refund is 10%.

    If our team has asked the customer to give more time to the writer to finish the work – refund claims on lateness will not be satisfied.

    Lateness of the revision is a non-refundable case, thus, such claims are not accepted.

  5. 5. No available writer for your order. Such issue occurs rarely but in case the customer is informed about no suitable writer found the company guarantees the full compensation of payment and a discount for the future order.

  6. 6. Instructions of the order are not met. When the customer is sure that the writer has not followed the indicated requirements they can either set the order for revision or request a refund. The second case requires a strong argumentation with proofs and examples.

  7. 7. Extra order features selected. The only extra option to get refunded is the category of the writer if there has been no writer assigned so far. The rest of options are non-refundable.

  8. 8. Double payments. When the system receives several payments or orders which are identical the customer is guaranteed to get the surplus refunded. Make sure that you inform the company regarding such an issue.

  9. 9. High similarity rate. For the customers who claim on this issue, the company has set an obligation to provide the plagiarism report from authoritative resources. All papers are guaranteed to be original and if you claim on plagiarism the writer can fix it as soon as possible and without any payment requests.

In case you have an issue which is not stated in this list the support or DD team will assist you with methods for its resolution. Dispute Department can be contacted through email – ask the support representative for an email address when needed.

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