8 Types of Students in Your Campus

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A Group of Students

Every year, a thousand of students start their study as freshmen. Naturally, they are all different people. They have their own background, habits, beliefs, and characters. And with every of them, you are to study together. It means that you should prepare yourself to the meeting with all of them. In that regard, we compiled the list of the most typical student types that exist in every educational institution.

Mother's Darling

According to different scientific pieces of research, 28% of freshmen live with their parents. Such students come with their relatives on an open day, evaluate food in the canteen, and set the millions of questions to professors even before the start of the semester. Their coursework becomes a masterpiece of collective creativity: the son writes, mother and grandmother check, dad prints out the work in his office.


He/she appears only in the first days of the semester and then disappears for the whole semester. Teachers do not remember how he/she looks, and students only occasionally meet him/her at discos on campus. In the lecture room, his/her place is always free, and one morning he/she still comes to the lecture... But not for the sake of studying, but to sleep off after another party.


On every course, there is always its weirdo or a strange guy: he/she dresses in second-hand, calls upon to vegetarianism and helps children in Africa. Usually, such people study at the humanities faculties – philology, religious studies, or anthropology. It is better not to ask for lecture notes as far as he/she loses them immediately after the lecture is over. Despite his/her pacifist views, he/she hates careerists and tries to avoid them.


A careerist appears at least half an hour before the beginning of the lecture in order to have a nice talk with the professor. Such a student will necessarily "add to the friends list" their teachers on Facebook and will communicate with them during an extra-curricular time. Then other students wonder why it was he/she who got the best place to do practical work. Contacts for them are the main thing.

Raising Hands for Participation


He/she has already a family, children and his/her own apartment, he/she lacks only education. Therefore, in their thirty-something, they became a freshman again. They do not go to parties, do not make friends, and hurry home right after the lectures. "Dad" or “mummy” diligently studies and does not ask the professor stupid questions.


"In which lecture room will be the next lecture?", "Where is the canteen?", "When do I have to submit the abstract?" – The freshman bombards his/her groupmates with questions and immediately forgets everything. It is also useless to write down, in a hurry, he/she will leave a notebook in the university and oversleep the forthcoming lecture.


In contrast to the "truants," "dreamers" have an ideal lecture attendance. While others keep notes, they mentally build grandiose plans, solve world problems, and come up with poems. Yes, they attend all lectures and spend evenings in libraries, however, then they cannot pass the exams. With these students, you will meet only in the first semester because most likely they will not cope with the end-of-term exams from the first time.


Only at first glance, it seems that professors like well-prepared and diligent students. In fact, professors are fed up with nerds and their “additional questions and comments” already in the first week. Their sleepless nights with textbooks and lecture notes are not treated according to their merits. Nerds lead a quiet war with careerists but are not able to repeat their success because of a lack of communicative skills.

If you have recognized yourself in one of these types, do not be upset as far as we are individuals! Pigeonholing someone, we create even more problems. And if you sit next to a “weirdo” or a “dreamer” in a lecture room, do not start panic – better try to start a conversation with him/her and, oh my God, he/she can turn out to be the owner of the most engaging qualities of character.

And remember that this is a little bit general list of the most typical student types. If you know the others, you are welcome to write your comment below in the discussion.

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