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This article is designed to help young people to avoid many mistakes that can happen. Many pupils in school dream to get an interesting profession that will allow them to realize their intellectual potential. These talented young people are interested in mathematics, information technologies, aviation, manufacturing of automobiles etc. After the secondary school, most of these talented pupils enter the technical universities to get an interesting and coveted profession.

How to Choose a Specialty?

Usually, technical universities offer a long list of specialties that are very narrowly directed. So the first problem for students who just graduated from the secondary school is to determine which department and which specialty to enter. The problem is compounded by the fact that many professions are so close that it is very hard to see the difference.

For example, for yesterday's secondary school it may be difficult to understand, what is the difference between the specialties "Measuring devices " and "Aviation measuring devices." The more difficult task is to determine exactly to which of these specialties young person wants to dedicate his or her life.

The best advice, in this case, is not to hurry with the choice. It is possible to change specialty while studying, but this procedure is very formalistic and lingering. That is why it will be much better before you choose a faculty to read more about the features of this specialty on several educational websites. Also, it will be smart to ask the teachers of the faculty about the details of professions which this department offers. Try to get some information about companies in which department graduates usually work after they finish their university studying.

The more information you get at this stage, the more prepared will be your choice. After getting all the information about a particular profession, make a final choice. Then submit your documents to the department administration.

The Study of Humanities at the Technical University

There are many students who are successful in the exact sciences (such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, the theory of machines and mechanisms etc.), but these students cannot learn program on literature, history, or foreign language in a proper way. The fear of failing the exam of literature for such a young person can ruin his/her study during the semester.

If you are in a similar situation, I have great news for you. In fact, humanities in technical universities are taught according to much shorter programs and are rated very liberal. During my studies at the Technical University, I did not know any person who was expelled from the university by failing the exam of history or literature.

Typically, administrations of the faculties do not want to lose talented students because of problems with non-core subjects. Therefore, faculty deans or their deputies often ask teachers of non-core subjects to be loyal in evaluating. After that, teachers usually help students to pass the exams of these academic disciplines.

Participation in the Student Design Bureau

Many faculties in technical universities have student design offices or groups of inventors. If you would like to create something interesting and besides you have some free time, be sure to participate in work of these creative groups. This will give you an opportunity to get first professional experience in your life.

Practice shows that many young professionals, getting their first job, do not have a clear idea of the work they have to perform. Once you get your first professional experience in student design office, you will be mentally prepared to begin your professional career. In addition, trying your hand at something new is always very interesting.

Never Prepare for the Exam for Only One Night!

Perhaps when you prepare for the exam on literature or art history such tactics can work. However, if you hand over higher mathematics or physics, this approach will definitely lead to failure. So do not take risks. It is pointless to be expelled from the university and to lose your dream just because you have reacted lightly to one of the exams.

Find a Job on a Major

When you study at the senior university courses, try to find a job corresponding the specialty that you get. Ideally, it may be freelance or part time work, so that you have an opportunity to attend lectures. All technical specialties have one thing in common: no matter what level of education and grades you got at the university. The person becomes a true professional only after he or she learns to make important decisions in manufacturing or designing organizations. If you want to become an engineer, you have to realize that knowledge without practice will not give any result.

There is another important feature. When you get a full-time work after graduation from the university, nearly 100% of employers will want to hire a specialist with the work experience. That is why, they will not ask you what evaluations have you received at the university, but they will ask whether you have got an experience according to your specialty.

Study at the Technical University is difficult and stressful. But at the same time, it is very interesting and exciting. Every day you will learn new theories and write new research projects. If you are creative and focused, then nothing will stop you. So have fun learning and follow your dreams!

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