Summer Heat: Tips How to Save Yourself from It

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Sun Over Desert

What association do you have with the word “summer”? Vacation, holiday, sea and ... unbearable heat. It doesn`t last too long, but it is easy to tired of it. Especially if you live in the megalopolis. Here are some simple tips on how to escape the heat in the city.

Proper Clothing

Pay attention to the fabric of your tops and pants. This is really important in the summer. Shirt made of cotton is a much better than summer sleeveless dress, that is made of polyester. Natural materials lover may pay attention to linen and cotton – these materials perfectly suit for a hot day. The viscose also worth to be mentioned. Despite it is not natural, viscose is soft and breathable. What about the form? Focus your attention on the free cut things. Pants made of light fabric or long dress will make your stay comfortable in the sun. You should refuse your favorite jeans and leather tops and pants. There will be enough reasons to wear them in winter. The tight jeans and leather will give you several hours of unbearable hell. If you want to wear jeans, then better choose shorts.  

White Color

Summer is main season of all white and light clothes. The white color reflects the sun's rays, and black, on the contrary - attracts. When you want to wear something dark, remember that in the remaining nine months, things of such a color will prevail in your everyday wardrobe. No matter how paradoxical it may seem, white clothes really helps to feel better in the heat. Everything white will make you feel more comfortable, like bags, hats, etc. 

Cotton White Dress

Food and Water

Drink more water and green tea. They regulate your body heat and it will be not so hot, even when it is 30 degrees. Also you need to refuse alcohol and coffee – it's an extra burden on the blood vessels. Drinks which include a lot of sugar, like soft drinks, are also not very good for the body when hot. You may better drink water with lemon, spring water or fresh juice. In addition, summer is the season of fruits and vegetables, so water can be replaced with watermelons, oranges, berries. They will give you additional vitamins and minerals. Also you can make a homemade ice cream - you may find thousands of different tutorials on the YouTube.

Hats and Protection

In the summer ultraviolet radiation is always on a high level. Protect yourself, for example, wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and use the sunscreen not only on the seaside, but also in the streets.  Do not neglect the panama hat or cap, when you leave the house. Perhaps, the most summer hat is a rigid straw hat with a narrow brim. It would be appropriate both in town and on the beach. Remember about the white color, the dark shades can attract more sunlight.


It is easier to been through the summer heat not in the city. The high temperature in towns is enhanced by the fact that the buildings and roads are heating too, and all the dust is up in the dry air. Gather a company of your friends and go in the forest to the river or on the beach. What could be better? If you don`t have such opportunity, then you may relax by the pool. There are lots of water activities, which will not only raise your mood, but they will help you to survive in this summer hell.

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