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It is not a secret that the planet we are living on faces difficult times. Every single year the climate and the environmental situation are getting worse. Because of that, it is not easy sometimes to predict what kind of the weather we will face.

For example, it is still cold, rainy and windy in the central part Europe, but usually, it must have been hot. All of us are tired from that winter-kind-of-mood, we`ve all been waiting for spring and heyday. Anyway, it`s time to make the depression fade away and enjoy the life no matter what. Read this short article, and you will discover some helpful pieces of advice.

Think Positive!

Rainy Weather

Well, it can sound banal still it works. First of all, don`t let the bad weather affect your mood and pulsebeat. Likely, you had some planes, so bring them to reality. The weather is unpleasant, but it is a not a reason to give up and complain. Then almost all of us prefer to stay at home when it is raining, or it is cold.

Try to think differently. Maybe, it is the right time to walk in the rain, explore the streets or go to the forest. Such an alignment will bring you positive and useful experience; you will learn to find a benefit from any situation.

There is one famous book by Eleanor Porter that is called «Pollyanna». It is a story of a girl, whose father was a priest. They were very poor, but her father taught her that it is extremely important to find something positive in any situation. (Once she wanted a doll, but everything she could have were the crutches.

Then the girls’ father had explained she must be thankful because she didn`t need them. That kind of thinking made Pollyanna the happiest girl in the world). This story shows us that the problem is not a problem, but our attitude to it.

Buy Something Beautiful for a Rainy Day

Bright Umbrella

At least, you will be motivated to go outdoors. Spend some money, and you will quickly see the result - for example, to show your new things to the public. That could be a beautiful umbrella, the cute rubber boots or a comfortable slicker. It is better to choose bright colors and interesting, funny prints to improve your mood. Pay attention to how comfortable the thing is, that will give you extra motivation to leave home and find some adventures.

Eat Something Delicious

This recommendation is the most popular among all the others. It is a commonly known truth that the tasty food increases our endorphins level and makes us a bit happier. In that case, you can cook something at home or eat out. It doesn`t matter the dish will be sweet or salty; you just have to like it. A very nice way to relax and calm down is to bake something like a pie or cookies. Some people prefer going somewhere to eat. The most common rainy-day combination is coffee+croissant.

The smell of good fresh coffee will also help you to improve your mood and get some extra energy to confront the cold weather. By the way, the smell of pizza also works perfectly!

Watch Something Humorous

Jim Carrey Art

The best way to make your mood better immediately is to laugh. On this purpose, you can enjoy a comedy, soap opera or TV show that will make you laugh. The well-known comedies you can enjoy are the ones with Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, etc. As for series, you can watch and admire «Scrubs», «How I Met Your Mother», « Friends», «The Last Man Standing». There are also some funny cartoons as «Simpsons», «Gravity Falls», «Bricklberry» and «Family Guy». Avoid watching something sad or disappointing (unless it improves your mood).

Do Some Physical Exercises

It is a nice way to receive some extra energy and positive feelings. Usually, when the weather is bad, we feel weakness and unwillingness to do something. Sport is a perfect way to overcome such feelings. You can dance, practice yoga or do some fitness. That will help you to keep fit and feel yourself much better.

The blood will circulate all over your body. You can get a double profit if you clean your house as it includes physical exercises and useful results. You should only make yourself doing that, and the bad mood will fade away!

Do Something for Yourself

A rainy day is a nice chance to do something for yourself. You can take a bath reading a good book, do a manicure or a beautiful hairdo. You can stay at home making some skin masks or body massage sipping some lemonade.

Also, you can create some beautiful outfits combining different clothes in advance. Just do something that will improve your mood, something you would like to do. Another good idea is to do something you always postpone like cleaning, some home tasks, etc. You can do that when the weather is rainy, so when it is nice, you will be totally free to do what you want. Don`t forget you can just sleep; sometimes it is very useful.

If you read it till the end, you know that the unpleasant weather is not a reason to be sad or depressed, it is just the time to practice some positive thinking. Listen to your body and soul and do what you need. You can always find something good even in the worst situation in the world. If it doesn`t work for you, talk to people who enjoy such weather.

Maybe, you will find something romantic and charming for yourself. Moreover, rainy weather is a perfect chance to meet your closest people, drink some tea and talk about different things. Rainy weather connects people!

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