Features of Study at the Technical University

Students on the Lecture

This article is designed to help young people to avoid many mistakes that can happen. Many pupils in school dream to get an interesting profession that will allow them to realize their intellectual potential. These talented young people are interested in mathematics, information technologies, aviation, manufacturing of automobiles etc. After the secondary school, most of these talented pupils enter the technical universities to get an interesting and coveted profession.

What Does South Park’s Humor Teach Us?

Fans of South Park

Flatulence humor or how it is also called scatological humor is known from time immemorial on the planet Earth. For instance, the first archeological find illustrating a kind of a discussed type of humor justifies that poop jokes were hand in hand with other spiritual art kinds in the course of human history: It is a Sumerian earthenware fresco dating back to 1900—1600 BC.

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