Writing an English Film Review of La La Land: A Student’s Guide

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Oscar winning films have always attracted much publicity among critics as well as the general public. So, it is very likely that your teacher has seen this movie and will like to pick your brains about it. Schools and colleges very often experiment with such assignments to test student’s creativity and ability to derive meaningful messages from such a familiar part of their daily entertainment. You may feel confused and even frustrated having to write a review on something so innocuous. No reason to fret! Our writing team is always there for you. Here are some helpful tips that will help you boost your grade and make your teacher happy about your writing skills.

Is Homeschooling Better than Public School? Be Aware of Pros and Cons

School with Pupils

Receiving education from parents at home is considered as the case of necessity for medical reasons or it is also practiced at a request of the parents. Today online courses, distance learning and tutors become a full-fledged "agents of upbringing" alongside the school. Several experts estimate that homeschooling is the fastest growing and developing modern form of education. Scientific research points, that home learning gives very good academic and social results. Is homeschooling really better than public school? Let us review its merits and drawbacks.

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