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Overpopulation has ceased to be a hot topic today. However, there are still a lot of people who do not want to let go of their old misconceptions. When given that task, most likely you would end up busting the good old myths about overpopulation.

Of course, the future is hard to predict. Just in the 60s a well-known scientist Paul Ehrlich predicted the collapse of humanity by 2000 due to overpopulation. However, humans are still bouncing around. Nonetheless, the apocalyptic ideas will never stop attracting those susceptible to them.

As you remember, a standard essay requires three body paragraphs that need to include topic sentences and supporting evidence. Here are some ideas to make your essay as convincing as possible!

Mention the Real Culprit

It is not overpopulation, but human selfishness and extensive consumption that are destroying the world. One of the statistics facts here that you can use for your supporting evidence is that only 7 % of the population utilizes 50 % of resources. So, it is clearly not people, but greed and vanity that are depleting the Earth.

Refer to Modern Population Theories

You may not be aware, but except for Thomas Malthus, the precursor of the Apocalypse, there exist alternative, more positive views on humanity growth. The two notable figures are Ester Boserup and Julian Simon who both believed in the rationality of people.

They asserted that humans will find a way to produce more food, just like they did in the past. The only difference is that Julian Simon, who was also a representative of the club of Rome, noted that the resources would curtail the population growth. So, in his opinion, there was no reason to panic, as it would be a natural balance.

Introduce Normal Borlaug

This man prompted a true revolution, or to be more exact, the Green Revolution that allowed for production of highly fertile and fungus-resistant crops. It solved the problem of hunger in Mexico, India and Pakistan – those countries which were on the top of Paul Ehrlich’s disaster list.

I would recommend you to mention Norman Borlaug as an example to the previous argument on human ingenuity. That will provide for a nice transition and will make your essay unfold naturally.

There is no need to delve deeper into the techniques that he used to yield such results (see what I did here, yield results like yielding harvests). Make sure you devote equal attention to all evidence presented.

Examine Societal Changes

Do not forget to mention the advances in medicine and people’s outlook that transformed humanity. In the Middle Ages women were constantly pregnant for two reasons: 1) because they were women in the Middle Ages, so there was little left for them to do, 2) because the death rate was pretty high.

In today’s world women have taken upon more active and influential roles in society. Most of them are no longer satisfied with domestic life. This actually leads to fewer births, which is observed not only in the first world countries, but in India and Africa as well.

Moreover, breakthroughs in medicine ensure that people have a bigger chance of survival when disease strikes. It also lets offspring live through infancy at a higher rate, which precludes women from having more kids. In the light of the above info, overpopulation seems very unlikely.

Look at the Map

The map will show you countries that are by traditional standards overpopulated. However, they are doing just fine. Take Singapore as an example. It is a highly advanced technological state which is, guess what, overpopulated.

Again, the real problem is not the overpopulation, but the correct usage and distribution of resources. People are more likely to be killed by climate change or the nuclear war than by the mere growth of their species, which does seem to increase all that much anyway.

Stick to Your Thesis

You may, of course, analyze the alternative opinions. In your head. Do not put them on paper, I beg you. If you do, it will weaken your thesis and will convince your professor that you a very indecisive and oscillating student. You don’t want that.

Remember, you only need three topic sentences and three-six suggesting evidence points. Follow the structure, no matter how knowledgeable you are about the topic. It is better to save yourself some time to proofread your essay than to write a lot and have no time to even look through it.

And finally, do not try to include new information in the conclusion. Summarize your points, and stress your viewpoint one more time. It is useful to reread your thesis before writing a conclusion.

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