7 Weird Things That You Will Miss After Graduation: No Way!

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Graduation is the crucial event in our life as it implies the new stage of development. The significant part of your years has been passed, and a lot of new awaits you ahead. Nevertheless, your school years will become the best in your life but its value you will understand and comprehend years later.

Rather, rather, rather ... It seems you are participating in the race under the title "To give up everything quickly and be free." And it seems that as soon as the school doors behind you are closed, you will forget about all these 12 years like a nightmare. But believe me, despite the hatefulness and tiredness which you have right now, in a few years you will start to miss the school stuff.

The reason is simple - the school years will never happen again, therefore, what happened with you at school is a real treasure. So even if you are looking forward to the end of remaining days at school, read our material about 7 unexpected things that you will miss after graduation.

School Breaks

Are you waiting for the end of the lesson in order to have the opportunity to talk to classmates and have a rest? Then you are a true disciple. Pay attention to the fact that these moments are priceless because they will never happen again. Talking with friends, chitchat, playing stupid games – these are an essential part of any break.

Only during such moments, you can feel the true emotions and fulfillment. By the way, if you do not know how to spend the breaks with benefits, find out more about its privileges. The school life passes only during school breaks – no study, only life.

Friendly Relations with Teachers

It is a well-known fact that teacher may become your friend during studying at school. But teachers are not typical friends with whom you will go to the cinema or café. Teachers are like mentors who will give you some pieces of advice which obviously will come in handy. Moreover, they are like your parents.

Sometimes, it is so touching to see that they treat us like their children. But at the same moment, you can chat with them and crack a joke regarding studying process. After graduation, such relationships would be hard to maintain. In this regard, take into consideration possibility to keep such relationships for a long period of time.

The Same People Around

A cozy school world where you meet the same faces every day has become your second home. And we do not exaggerate because, for a long period of time, you are studying with the same people, teachers and know every corner of the school. We know that for now, it has become a trap for you –you have been living without any global changes for 12 years. Sometimes, new pupils become your classmates, but it is the maximum of possible changes.

That is why you are waiting for the wind of change. New faces, new institutions, new life – we are right, aren’t we? Well, we can say that, of course, the routine tires but the school routine isn’t exhausting. This place has become your family. Moreover, you don’t realize the opportunity of gained reputation.

Every teacher knows your abilities and knows the way how to reveal them to the full extent. As a result, you feel comfortable while working with this person. But after graduation, you have to start from scratch, and it doesn’t sound so inspiring, does it?

Money for Breakfast


And for cinema, café, hanging out with friends…You cannot forget about the material help from your parents. Actually, it isn't a help – your parents provide you with money. They buy food, clothes, give money for entertainment. They even pay for your holidays! It isn’t surprising that you will miss about the carelessness of those days.

After graduation, you have to take care of yourself. Obviously, your parents won’t leave you without support, but still, they won’t always provide you with money. You must do it for them after their retiring. As you can see, the older you are, the more often you face the problem of earning money. Adults provide for themselves. So, do not hurry up to dream about growing up…

School Activities

Firstly, you had been mumbling for two months that you were forced to help to conduct school activities. But then you remember how fun it was and how you and your friends were angry while preparing for the school concert or sports competitions. Those days were perfect because you were busy with tons of activities which you had to organize.

How to make performance unforgettable, how to create a bright invitation, how to entertain the audience – these were just a small part of your engagement. Moreover, after conducting the event, you had been discussing this with your friends for the months. It is a nice moment to remember, isn’t it?

Break the Rules

To go to school with bright make-up when it is not allowed, to escape from school together with a friend, or get drunk at school party – it is interesting only if there are rules which you can break while studying at school. Especially, it is capturing when those who have created these rules watch how you are breaking them.

It is an act of noncompliance. In this way, you are revealing your individuality and readiness to fight against the system. While you are studying at school, it seems to be heroic and fair. But after graduation, you start realizing that in adult’s life, everything is a bit harder…

Your Friends Are Always with You


Every day, you are together with your friends. You spend most of the time with them. After graduation, everything will be different. Each of you will begin his or her own life. It does not mean that you will stop communicating at all. But you must agree that the school served as a binding place, and it implies not only school classes but all activities apart from the educational process.

All of you had a shared enemy, and you joined forces to cope with all school problems. And after overcoming the enemy, you don’t have common problems and difficulties anymore. In this regard, everyone starts to join another clubs of supporters of good and justice.

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