Is Homeschooling Better than Public School? Be Aware of Pros and Cons

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Receiving education from parents at home is considered as the case of necessity for medical reasons or it is also practiced at a request of the parents. Today online courses, distance learning and tutors become a full-fledged "agents of upbringing" alongside the school. Several experts estimate that homeschooling is the fastest growing and developing modern form of education. Scientific research points, that home learning gives very good academic and social results. Is homeschooling really better than public school? Let us review its merits and drawbacks.

Psychological Comfort

One of the positive aspects of home learning is a psychological comfort. It is more natural for pupil to study at home than pass the adaptation to learning at school. The child learns better: it gets interested in the process of learning and tends to get knowledge better. Therefore, in the future it will strive for this.

If you take the entire history of mankind, people didn't go to school in its modern understanding before but geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, Leo Tolstoy, Mozart, and Einstein still appeared.

Business Acumen

This is how entrepreneurs learn. The school teaches to follow the instructions and it prepares good employees. Substitution of the traditional school permits children to reflect individually and they are capable of making decisions independently. Homeschooling prepares business owners, but not robots.


Home education gives a sense of liberty. The school formation is good for those who don’t like to make decisions. But, if you want to make your own decisions and learn the things that you need, you will require more freedom than school can give you.


The school proposes parents to completely recede from the learning process. But parents are constantly around, they help, suggest and guide during home schooling. Child learns how to communicate with parents and to find answers to their questions.


Teacher with Pupil

Homeschooling is much more fun and multifarious. The scholastic institution proposes tuition for certain limited period of time. Home schooling is voluntary. It is inseparable from life and is not limited in time. The parents obtain the ability to choose tutors and teaching methodology independently.


The other disadvantage is the absence of the motivation to do homework each time. Family form of education is not suitable for a child who is not accustomed to a proper discipline. Discipline, working time arrangements, daily routine: without these components, it is impossible to make a single step in home schooling.


One of the disadvantages of learning at home is the absence of a collective. The youngsters are not able to work in teams. They have no public speaking experience and they do not know how to contest their opinion in front of their peers. But the infant will not have troubles with socialization, if it goes to some group music or art classes and has an interesting social circle.

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