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High technologies develop at superfast speeds and become an integral part of any sphere of human activity. Therefore, today there is a shortage of specialists who understand them. For example, an IT-preacher who could teach "the technically challenged" how to use online services or an architect of virtual reality, creating conditions for "the life in the unreal world." What else professions will be in demand in 5-10 years and what study now – read further in this article.

Since bio- and IT-technologies actively enter our everyday life, a lot of professions at the turn of various sciences will soon appear: bioengineer, molecular nutritionist, city-farmer, energy auditor, designer of smart roads, etc. At the same time, long-life study process will be a rule to survive in the career market. The changing of 8-12 professions will be the norm.

Energy Industry

Fossil resources become exhausted thus more expensive, so the future belongs to nuclear power. In a few years, the number of nuclear power plants will increase manifold. It is forecasted the development of private alternative energy: micro wind generators, solar batteries, etc. That is, people will be able to independently produce electricity and redistribute its surpluses.

Specialist in local power supply systems

The specialist will install the alternative energy systems: wind stations, solar panels, nuclear microgenerators, etc., as they will be quite popular.

Marketer for energy markets

The emergence of private energy producers will lead to the need for specialists who will sell it in the domestic and international markets.

Recovery System Projecting Engineer

Limited natural resources will result into electricity deficit and the search for its additional sources. Therefore, those experts will be in demand who are able to produce energy from moving objects and redistribute it into an industry where there is a shortage of it.

Office Worker with Many Hands

Financial Sector and Management

Intermediaries will be replaced with automated systems, as one does not have to pay them a salary (unlike people). Nevertheless, those professionals will be in demand who will be able to develop programs for retirement savings, insurance schemes, etc. The cash will be replaced with electronic money. Therefore, specialists will be needed to convert cash into electronic currency, and vice versa.

Evaluator of intellectual property

The issue of copyright protection for ideas, inventions, technologies, as well as the estimation of their cost, will be thrown into sharp relief.

Virtual lawyer

Multitasking will force people to solve many issues via the Internet. For example, legal support of clients through the Network.

The developer of personal retirement plans

Life expectancy increase will make people think about an adequate provision of their old age. This specialist will make individual investment plans for the pension fund.


The number of freelancers will increase. Therefore, it will be needed a specialist for their working time organization and selling.

Personal Brand Manager

The popularity of social networks and "cloud" technologies is gaining momentum. This will allow the brand manager to form the image of their clients.


Fast-paced life style will lead to the creation of ultra-high-speed transport; biomaterials and digital technologies will allow making durable road surfaces – both on ground and underground. Moreover, it will be more economically sound.

The builder of "smart roads"

The competence includes the development of road surfaces adapted for climate and load, as well as signs with the radio-frequency identification of emerging defects, etc.

Designer of high-speed railways

The appearance of high-speed trains will force the modernization of railway tracks, including the underground. This specialist will develop and manage the construction of railway networks adapted for high-speed movement.

Businessman in Light of Way


The development of biotechnology will lead to the emergence of new building materials, therefore, specialists will need to be able to work with them. Also, in this field, global automation will take place, which means that there will be a growing demand for professionals who can manage energy-efficient systems.

Specialist of "energy-efficient" homes

To reduce the cost of electricity, this specialist will design houses that use its alternative sources (from wind, sun and by trigeneration – a mix of electricity, heat, and cold).

Specialist in the reorganization and strengthening of old building structures

The emergence of new materials will provide an opportunity to permanently strengthen the decaying houses, including the old ones –with the purpose to protect historical buildings.


Gadgets will allow them to recognize high-quality materials and evaluate the construction progress. Thus, these specialists will be engaged in the control of construction with the use of digital technologies.

Social Field

The Internet popularization will make it possible to use it in the social sphere, thus making the resolution of problems transparent. It will enable ordinary citizens to participate in the process.

Social problems crowdsourcing specialist

With the help of the Internet, the specialist will consider the problems of families, houses, roads, etc., transfer data to relevant state bodies, and monitor their solving.

Specialist in adaptation of migrants

Globalization will lead to a proliferation of international companies, which will increase the number of migrant workers. Therefore, specialists who teach the culture and language of their country will be in demand.

Mediator of social conflicts

In view of globalization and, consequently, migration, a large number of different social groups will appear. Therefore, experts will be needed to help resolve conflicts (financial, religious, cultural, and national) by peaceful means.

Shaking Hands


Due to the rapid introduction of high technologies in all spheres of life, a person will have to learn constantly (in parallel to work). So teachers able to individualize education will be required - only in this way, the person will effectively absorb information and keep up with the pace of life.


They will create group discussions for better mastering of the material.


Their task is to develop individual training programs and career development strategies.

Game master

Their games in virtual reality are designed for those who cannot personally be present on the lesson.

IT Sector

Today, we can observe the emergence of augmented reality and virtual worlds technologies, and this process is going to be even more global. IT-technologies will enter any of the branches of human life. At the same time, the amount of data passing through the Network will increase, and the ways of processing information will change. Therefore, professionals who can work in the IT field will be in demand everywhere.

Interface Designer

With the development of the IT sphere, the competition between gadget producers and interface developers will grow. Therefore, the creators of customizable applications will be in demand.

IT preacher

They will tell and show users the new programs and services necessary for life (payment of utility services through the Internet, Internet banking, online shopping, etc.).

Virtual Reality Designer

They will develop common and individual applications (according to the psycho-emotional features of the user), allowing you to relax and work in the virtual world.

Big Data model developer

They will design the systems for collecting and processing analytical systems (big data) – then the users of all professions will work there.

As you can see, the world always moves on. Our duty is to accept changes and stimulate them.

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