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Try typing the word "England" in the browser, in the "news" section. Do you know what you will get? It will be neither a recipe for oatmeal, nor the latest reports from the life of the queen, or news from the world of politics. Politics and food pale into insignificance, and its majesty Football surely moves to the forefront.

Football in England is more than just a sport. It is a symbol of national unity, a whole cultural layer, and a special way of life. The mere fact that the word "football" first appeared on the shores of the Albion speaks volumes.

Matches between school teams (since 1581), the world's first football association (1863), the invention of the game by giving passes (1870), the oldest football clubs (1857), the world's first football tournament (1871) and the football league (1888) –precious stones decorating the crown of England as the birthplace of football.

If after the words "English football," there is only the image of handsome Beckham and nothing else in your head – do not hurry to leave the page. This article will help you do a short course and become an expert in the field of both football and English on the topic.

Football Match

It will be curious to learn for fans of both English and football that in England the word football refers to the classic version of the game. Soccer or association football is commonly used in other countries (especially in the USA) to distinguish traditional football from the American one, rugby, and others.

To be considered an expert in the field of football, strictly observe the following rules:

  1. Find the team for which you will root. Choose a successful and leading one. Even if you are for the local team with all your heart – forget it. It is time for big football.
  2. Learn the names of all players in it.
  3. Watch the main points of each match or just watch for changes in the rating table.
  4. Do not miss the matches of your favorite team or their broadcast. Bear in mind that the reason for missing the game must be very weighty and respectful. For example, the need to take your relative to the hospital.

Football Slang

There is no need to explain these words to a real football fan. However, we are just learning:

Dive (to take a dive) = when one player barely touched another, but the second pretends that he was deliberately knocked down. Sometimes, there is a feeling that players have finished theatrical courses before the career of a football player, so great they are simulating the pangs of lying on the grass in order to get a free kick or a penalty.

Bicycle kick = Jackie Chan’s special effect when the player jumps into the air and makes backward somersault to hit the ball behind.

Dummy = When one player passes the ball to another, which simply allows the ball to roll between his legs in order to transfer to the third player.

Juggling = When a player holds the ball over the ground, using his legs, chest, and head.

English Football Fan Club

To increase your prestige in the company of ardent football fans during the joint viewing of matches in English, you will need not only a scarf of your favorite team but also a rich vocabulary, the decoration of which will be the knowledge of idioms on a football topic:

Football widow. Do not rush to say this phrase in the presence of lovely ladies. After all, this is the name for a woman who remains deprived of her husband's attention when he enthusiastically roots for his favorite team at the stadium or in front of the TV.

Football firm. It is not about a beautiful office, the managers of which offer you to buy tickets for football matches. A football firm is an unsafe gang of football fans. Better beware of come across it.

Political football. Do you think everything is transparent in football? Alas, it is dirty there, like in politics. This phrase refers to the object of political manipulations or speculations.

Football. What is the catch with the word “football?” A football commentator really means only a game with the ball under this word. But American jargon hides a sharp satire under a harmless “football:” this is the name of the special president’s suitcase with encrypted codes to manage the country's nuclear weapon.

Foul play. In football or any other sport, this is the name of a game in which teams played either with a gross violation of the rules, or the outcome of the match was known even before it began. From sports, this expression migrated to our everyday life.

No sweat. If the task is performed without much effort, then a team got the victory with small losses or without sweat, as the set expression says.

Keep your eye on a ball. Apparently, the British believe that the maximum concentration is not a feature of a neurosurgeon, but a dribbling football player. Somehow, the British understand something in football, it only remains to agree with them.

Let us end our acquaintance with English football with the words of David Beckham, which does not need proofs: "Soccer is a magical game." Do not believe me? Then just try!

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