Breaking The Rules: Do I Need It?

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We're always afraid to make a wrong impression on someone, destroying a set stereotype or an existing rule. This fear sometimes makes us hide our potential and talents, makes us closed and silent. How about creating your own rules? How about choosing what is right and appropriate for you personally? This will be discussed in this article.

Set Up Your Own Rules

In any successful company, there are rules, which are followed by the employees of this company. However, often employees themselves do not have the rules of life. They have a bank account, favorite program on the TV, a dog and a shirt for the weekend. That's all. Vital activity is a set of different rules which are established not by us. If you set the rules, then we become the authors of our own lives, we are writing our own history and perform our own actions. We begin to affect the surrounding reality! We have formed a powerful human instrument: a new way of thinking. From childhood, we used to consider "important" successful life rules and we follow them almost without thinking. It's time to end up with this!

Break Them!

Control being nice and good with people. For some to be nice and good means to be snotty wimp. Be the kind one for those who deserved this. Tell them the bitter truth in their face. Do not make excuses. Go ahead and challenge the rules of a successful life. What are these rules? We offer to disrupt your calendar! Do not break the rules of the road while driving. Driving good is already a rule-breaking! Start looking for the meaning of life.

In the literal sense of the word. Stop viewing of a football match. Or a reality show. Or the series. Yes, for you it may be tough, but nobody said it would be easy. Think: what rules you can disrupt, to have fun and have a good shake off from the routine you have daily. Disturb your comfort, otherwise what's the point to think about challenges?

Test Results!

Thinking Person

The flexibility of the individual lies in the fact that it is sometimes necessary to break the rules. Do you know what? The world starts to help you with this. Any rules can be used for your benefit, if you do not just follow them, and begin to break them - see what will happen next. Test it! Here are the results and your personal rules. What are your rules of success? Otherwise – you understand – which rules are effective and which are not? Henry Ford broke the rules. All people of his time were driving on a horseback and considered his first car noisy and absurd. They laughed at him, but Henry didn’t break under usual rules of society. He has broken them! What a great example!

Well, are you still waiting? Go ahead! Break the rules! Good luck!

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