The 5-Hour Rule: What Is That?

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The 5-hour rule is a system of a permanent learning and self-improvement, which is applied by the prosperous people around the world. Distracting from the typical actions for one hour a weekday and doing non-work stuff will help you to become more efficient and creative. You can spend one free hour a day in different ways, so here you are given some useful tips. The 5-hour rule will help you not only to work more productively, but achieve success in different spheres of life.

Pick Out Some Time for Inspiration

Naturally, spending an hour in a cafe is not only easy, but also enjoyable. It is a good place where great ideas can come. So, going to a coffee shop will help to learn something new. Spending some time for self-development can give you a possibility to look at your work from a different angle and find some different wonderful opportunities.

Be Inquisitive

What is the difference between highly successful entrepreneurs and other people? The endless curiosity of the former. They never stop on one thing, even if their knowledge is enough for this area. They aspire to diversity and work on themselves every day.

So, you need to decide on the thing which you are interested in, and devote it just one hour a day. Explore, visit different seminars and conferences to find out more about what causes your curiosity.


Another way to improve productivity is to give one hour a day for experiments. In the modern world it is hard to get rid of the feeling that everything has already been invented. So, experiments will help you to cope with this feeling.

Read Books

Many Books

One of the most effective and, at the same time, very simple ways to become a professional in different fields is to read every day. The most successful people in the world read voraciously.

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, George Martin, Warren Buffett – the list is endless. All these people always say that they could not succeed without reading. Even after becoming successful, they do not get rid of books: while reading, they receive a lot of new information, which is used for making the right decisions.

Learn Every Minute

Doing everything by habit, you do not give a chance for yourself to develop your skills. The rule of five hours is a way to go beyond your normal schedule and to recognize the willingness to change. It will help you to cope with burnout and get rid of the feeling that you are not good at what you do.

New opportunities are always open to people who work on themselves. So, it is the time for you to start your new life with the 5-hour rule.

Still, Can Anything Go Wrong?

Glad you’re asking! It’s really good if you have some healthy skepticism towards and distrust of the effectiveness of all those techniques and rules for increasing motivation or productivity. Don’t you wonder why we’re always provided only with positive examples, which are aimed at making us evaluate something and make conclusions? However, we’re never told about failures and misfortunes, which definitely take place as well.

So, let’s discuss what can go wrong while you’re sticking to the 5-hour rule daily. Knowing the probable pitfalls will allow us to avoid them and hence improve the effect of the rule in general.

You spend 5 hours on self-development only one day a week

Or you spend two hours on reading on Tuesday and three hours on mastering your Photoshop skills on Saturday. The wrong thing is that you self-develop irregularly.

Let’s go back to the 5-hour rule once again. It implies that five days running you spend only one hour on some beneficial activity. Speaking roughly, you should spend one hour on reading a new bestseller on marketing before you go bed every day instead of watching that silly soap opera. Even though it’s about detectives.

Now it looks more interesting, doesn’t it? But it’s more challenging either. You can’t spend more than 1 hour on a chosen activity. So, make sure you can manage your time properly. 

You mix up learning and work

Taking my hat off to you if you’re a working student. That’s cool. Though it’s so hard sometimes, I know. It’s even greater if your part or full-time job lets your check the theory you study at college on practice or helps you develop some other knowledge. However, you should never give up self-learning.

The paradox is that at college we do lack practice, but at work we lack theory. But experience shows that we are usually paid not for learning new things at the office but for the results we get after we use the fresh knowledge. But usually you don’t have time to google for it, as you have to complete multiple urgent tasks till 7 PM.

So, when you have days off, spend one hour on uploading some new info into your brain. And see how helpful it is when your boss gives you a new task.

You don’t reflect

Reflection should be an integral part of your self-development program. It is essential to come back to what you’ve learnt regularly. That can help you track your progress and refresh your memory when necessary.

A diary turns out to be a helpful thing. Write down the issues you want to solve and questions you need to answer, make notes about everything that interested you or what you’d like to research more thoroughly. But remember that keeping this diary must be included into that one golden hour of your daily self-learning.  

You focus only on productivity and forget about improvement

Productivity is about doing a lot. Improvement is about doing it better and better. If your self-development is oriented only towards upgrading your ability to do many things per some limited amount of time, you might once discover that you do them not very well.

So, don’t sacrifice quality to quantity. As soon as you are certain that you are good at something, you should think what you can add to this particular skill or how you can enrich this particular knowledge.

You don’t search for something absolutely new

Of course, I don’t mean that you should learn to paint, to create simple computer games, and to make baskets; plus read more about Chinese tea sorts. Again, I’m taking my hat off if you are such kind of person. But I’m afraid you can’t boast that you can it all equally perfectly.

Self-development is not about switching between very different activities. It’s about learning to connect them smartly and enjoying the final result. For example, if you’re interested in psychology but study Economics and Management, you could read more about the human factor in these spheres or about the features of human communication in them.

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